A step-by-step guide to made to measure bridal design

STEP 1 - Collect inspiration

A great place to start is Pinterest.

Try on some styles in stores to see what best suits your figure. Consider what your favourite neckline and skirt shapes have been in the past.

STEP 2 - Meet Lisa and discuss design ideas

Lisa will then sketch a design and discuss fabric options with you.

STEP 3 - Pattern Creation

Once you decide upon a design, a pattern is created to your measurements and a basic calico toile.


STEP 4 - Calico fitting

In this step we have have fun creating the look and fit of your future wedding gown.

STEP 5 - Fitting

A number of fittings are required, depending on the complexity of the design.

STEP 6 - Go get married

Your dress is ready and it’s perfect. You can now marry the man of your dreams in your dream gown.